We start with music you already own. Any .mp3 or .wav file (more formats to come soon) can be uploaded to us and recorded onto your mix tape*. And you are free to share it with a friend.
We use a high-quality, modern audio cassette as the recording medium.
We record your music onto the delightful little cassette using a lovingly maintained 1975 Tandberg TCD 310 Mark II tape deck via a high-quality digital audio converter (DAC) from a well-tuned Linux workstation.
We then send your custom tape off into the world to wend its way towards its new home.
And what arrives is a delightfully packaged bundle of analog goodness ready to brighten the eyes and ears of its recipient. All MyxTapes come in clear shell cases wrapped in custom-made paper sleeves and recorded on cassette tapes made entirely in the USA.

The service costs a flat $15.00. This fee includes the audio cassette, the recording process (which happens in real-time), the hand-typed cassette labels and fold-out insert (J-card) and shipping.

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